About Westwood

Westwood Music has been a musician’s staple in Los Angeles since 1947. Countless rock-and-roll legends including Lindsey Buckingham, the Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Lyle Lovett, Joni Mitchell, the Beach Boys, the Doobie Brothers, and many more, have been frequent customers of Westwood Music because there is a difference!

Westwood Music provides an environment free from the chaos and high-pressure sales tactics of those big chains. We stock some of the best instruments, effects and amplifiers on the planet. Our expertly trained and passionate sales staff is ready to find you an instrument you will love for years to come. Plus, our unparalleled repair and restoration technicians provide solutions without compromise.

We look forward to you visiting and enjoying our acclaimed retail and repair shop. If you have any questions, please give us a call!

Guitar of the Week


Serial # 00648052 Only 10 of these remarkable guitars were made in 2008- a true collectors piece. An original design from the Gibson Acoustic Art Shop headed by Ren Ferguson, this striking SJ-200 features an Adirondack spruce top and hand selected bi

Top tier instruments, knowledgeable staff and a pressure-free environment allow you to find the perfect guitar!
From a simple setup to restoring a priceless piece of art, our repair staff is the best in the business!
A skill that will grow with you for a lifetime! Our instructors are expertly trained to get you to the next level.
  • I had a great experience with Westwood Music. The store is nicely kept, the atmosphere was relaxing, and has a wide range of gear stemming from new and vintage acoustic guitars, electric guitars, vintage amps, pedals, etc. They hold brands that major retailers don’t have their hands on like Collings, Santa Cruz Guitar Co. and even have exclusive guitars customized to the shop’s specs. The staff was very polite and knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. They even offered me to try out any guitar I wanted. I didn’t feel pressured in any way. Westwood Music has been around since 1947 and is an official Martin Guitar Service Center which was the main reason I wanted to check this place out. I had a guitar setup and restring for my 00018 and it was the fastest turn-around ever; even faster than originally quoted. My guitar now plays smoooooooth and sounds great! I highly recommend this place and will definitely be back.

  • I live in Santa Barbara and drive in to have David get my guitars as dialed as possible. I’ve had David PLEK and set up two custom Strats and a Gibson Memphis 335. Hey, they have a PLEK machine and know how to use it. And they turned out SWEET. This shop is not a “scene” and there is no attitude. There is, however, loads of experience/expertise and pride in doing things right, which is what you want when someone is tending to your loved ones.

  • I’ve been coming to Westwood Music Center for over half a decade now. Nothing but great experiences since the first time I stepped in.

    Every guitar of mine that Dave touches plays like butter when I get it back. He also made repairs to my Martin DPA4 all under warranty for free, I was unaware that could be done.

    I’ve also purchased a few guitars and amps. The staff always puts in time and effort to make sure I get the right equipment. for my needs.

    I brought in a 1930s Martin Uke and a 1930s Stradolin Mandolin I inherited from my grandparents to be restored. Fred the owner himself restored them for me and they turned out beautiful. He loved the Stradolin because it was playing and sounding nicer than some of the $2000 Gibsons in the shop lol.

    This place is really as good as it gets for guitar service, just ask the many real life rock stars that also frequent the place.

  • Absolutely the best Guitar setup ever! David at Westwood Music runs the computer Plek machine that makes your guitar play better than new. Let me tell you, it’s worth it. Guitars that were ok to play now play like butter. Super smooth feel. Now a true Plek believer! If your a guitar player the Plek setup makes your guitar so much easier to play. I don’t work or have any association with Westwood Music. Just can’t believe how well my guitars play now.

    Thanks Westwood Music! Thanks David!

  • I just wanted to say how happy we are with Henry’s piano playing!!!

    Unlike the guitar, he practices all the time with no prompting from us. He even takes a break from Minecraft to play! And we love that he is learning Mad World. Great Choice.

  • Thanks David, it’s my new favorite guitar. Plays amazing now!

  • Chelsea,

    I’ve been meaning to send you this feedback.  You did a repair on my ’75 D-28, maybe, about 6 months ago.  The sound of the bass strings is so much improved, it’s like a different instrument.  I always liked the sound of this guitar, but I never realized how much had been missing.  Thanks for doing the work.  I can pretend I’m a better player now.

  • I love the way my guitar now plays and sounds. It is now my best playing acoustic for sure! All the work and workmanship is spot on, I’m glad you did the work.

    I played a couple hours yesterday and today (keep in mind I’ve been playing very little) and my fingers barely feel it. So nice to feel consistency and the fingerboard under my hands.

  • Thank you for repairing my Yamaha guitar, it looks and sounds great, it is so much easier to play. It practically plays itself now!

    Thank you also to the nice gentleman who brought the guitar out to my car.

  • I picked up my guitar yesterday. Wonderful job. It looks and plays better than ever.

    The set up is great, and I also noticed that the fretboard is nice and clean. 

    Thanks for taking such good care of it.


  • Wow! You did it!

    I am in absolute shock/joy that you pulled it off. 

    For over twenty years I have showed my ’64 Tele to many so-called experts to get their opinion on how to get the black paint off the original finish of my tele, but nobody wanted to touch it. They all said it was a lost cause.

    You painstakingly and meticulously brought my tele back to life. The original blonde finish is back and beautiful!

    I am so grateful to you for your courage and talent.

    Thanks Chelsea!!

    Eddy Bitton
  • “I’ve been coming to Westwood Music for 30 years. They have always had one of the finest repair shops. I think this current repair shop is the best they have ever had! I give it an A+”

    Frank Stallone
  • David Raven Rutchinski strikes again! He took a guitar that I already dug playing, and made it play better than I could imagine.

    The BEST setups – the BEST.

    Man, I’m so spoiled!

    Jonathan Stout
  • Over the years i’ve gone to Westwood Music for everything from a setup to picking out a new amp to having a guitar refinished.  They’ve always steered me in the right direction and done fantastic work.  By far my favorite shop in LA!

    John Schroeder
  • After three mediocre setups by other shops I broke down and had my Les Paul Plek’d by Westwood Music. They finally were able to unlock the potential in this guitar! It now plays like a dream!

  • Emiko and I would like to thank all the folks at StageIt.com & Westwood Music for helping with our show last night….Kevin, James and Alex thanks for all the tech help etc…and Mark Bookin’ for being my go to guy for some 30 years in LA….we appreciate you ALL…..OH, and thanks again Chelsea for the great work on my 57 “Stewart” Oriphonic…soo cool!

    Tom Kell
  • “I have played guitar for several years and felt like I hit a plateau in my abilities so I decided to seek out lessons. I took lessons with James at Westwood and his patience and insight into theory opened up a whole new world for me.”

  • “I have had my guitar setup by 2-3 different guys and none of them could figure out how to get it right. Chelsea at Westwood listened to what I needed and nailed it the first time. I will never take my guitars to anyone else.”

  • “Simply put, Westwood Music is the best guitar shop around. They clearly get how to treat customers and their gear is top notch.”