Tour the StoreMarty Vasquez


Our main retail showroom is a throwback to traditional music stores. It’s a comfortable space where you can hang without being bombarded by an onslaught of out-of-tune “Stairway to Heaven” renditions. There are many beautiful new and used guitars on display and if you are on the hunt for something really unique, we might just have it put away in its case awaiting for you to come ask for it! Comfortable couches and a coffee bar set the tone for you to relax and sample some truly amazing instruments.

Acoustic Room

If you need an even quieter, more private space to demo an instrument you can use our Demo Room. Smaller in size, but equally comfortable, this room has a handful of great instruments hanging on the wall for you as well.

Amp Room

This room is funky, kind of like a band practice room. All four walls are lined with great amplifiers. In our Amp Room, you can close the door, fire up an amplifier of your choice, and crank it to eleven!

Repair Shop


Our Repair Shop is a well-organized workspace filled with all the neat tools necessary to repair and maintain your instruments. Our highly trained repair team takes great pride in the team’s wealth of repair knowledge and the ability to maintain quality while keeping up with a competitive turnaround time.

Lesson Rooms


Upstairs and away from the retail and repair space we have three lesson rooms. These rooms are very comfortable and are all equipped with cameras projected live on a monitor in our main showroom.