Guitar Setup FAQs:


Q: What is a setup?

A: A guitar setup is like getting a check-up at the dentist- even if there isn’t something immediately recognizably wrong, it’s still recommended that you go twice a year! A guitar tech will do a “check-up” on your guitar, making adjustments as needed to make sure all parts of your guitar are in balance. The parts in question include the height of the neck and strings, the nut slots, and the intonation.

Q: Why do I need a guitar setup?

A: Having a guitar looked at for setup is a precaution to nipping all other problems in the bud. When your guitar is adjusted properly, the wood of the guitar will settle properly, which will lessen the likelihood of warping.

Q: When should I get a guitar setup?

A: Is your guitar difficult to play? Does it seem out of tune even if you just tuned it recently? Has it started to buzz recently? Has it spent a prolonged period (several months) in its case without being played?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your guitar would benefit from a setup.

Q: What is a seasonal setup?

A: As the seasons change, so does the temperature and humidity, both of which will take a toll on the wood of your guitar. Getting your guitar setup twice a year during the winter and summer is a good way to combat the effects of temperature and humidity.

Q: Are seasonal setups enough?

A: Absolutely! The wood in your guitar will inevitably change over time, meaning that your instrument won’t sound the same in five years, ten years, however long. Getting your guitar setup twice a year will do wonders in preserving your instrument. Regular maintenance will keep your guitar sounding as good as new. Of course, you’re welcome to get your guitar setup as many times a year as you’d like, but twice a year should do the trick.

Q: How should I get my guitar set up?

A: That depends entirely on your style of play. Most guitars are built with lots of room for adjustment, which is why it sometimes feels weird to play a brand new guitar. Each player is different and will have different stylistic needs. An experienced guitar tech will be able to setup your guitar to accommodate your style of play.

Q: What if I don’t know my style of play?

A: Not a problem! An experienced guitar tech will also be able to set your guitar for a solid midway performance.

Q: Can I get my guitar setup at Westwood Music?

A: Of course you can! Give us a call at (310) 478-4251 to speak with one of our guitar techs or shoot us an email at