Collings 001Mh (New)


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With the exception of the Baby, the 00 is Colling’s smallest guitar, possessing a 12-fret configuration, a guitar shape that was first designed around the time of the Civil War. It has a 1 & 13/16 Mahogany top that is lighter in color with a reddish twist. It also includes a Tortoise Herringbone binding, Ebony Veneer, Nickel Waverly Slot and a and small (2 &  5/16”) pyramid bridge.

Although measuring only 13.5 inches in width (smaller than a typical classical guitar), the Collings 00 has tone and volume that belies its first impression as being less than full-sized. The comfortable size and timeless appearance of the Collings 00 is matched by the ease of  playing a wide neck and shorter string scale affords. It has a modified v neck measuring 1.732” W and .855” H at the first fret and 2.019” W and .945” H at the 9th fret with 14”-26” compound fingerboard radius.  The tone is typically balanced and precise, and we’ve seen it adopted for a wide range of playing styles from simple vocal accompaniment to ragtime solos. It can double as a travel guitar or a small OM, performing both roles equally well. When you want the durability of a modern guitar but one that appears rooted in an earlier, simpler time, the 001H is a versatile choice.