Wilgenbus Saturn 3



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Guitar made by Luthier Nicolas Wilgenbus who is located on Reunion Island; a small island by Madagascar. A very unique design featuring an Integral Neck — Information from the builder:

“Integral Neck® The  21st Century Acoustic System
I first intended to decenter the sound hole along the upper sides, in order to extend the neck under the soundboard, widening its vibrating surface.

In order to prevent adding weight to the soundboard, I divided the extention into several braces, as it is done by the fan bracing of Mr Torres, but this time in the neck continuity.

In one-piece, it creates a vibratory neck-body gateway while avoiding the hinge effect.

The glue-laminated neck is made of high and low density woods interleaved, giving it the perfect density balance.

The soft braces extend themselves into a fan under the soundboard, while the harder pieces of wood ensure the neck stability. No need for a truss rod anymore.

The tone is rich, full of harmonics and has a unbelievable sustain.

The player feels his whole instrument vibrate while playing, it’s totally new and inspiring!

The Integral Neck® is protected by 2013 INPI invention patent #1100205.”

(Please see http://www.wilgenbusguitars.com/#!innovations/c199t for more information).


Weight: 4lbs
Nut Width: 1.656″
Upper Bout: 10.5″
Lower Bout: 15.625″
Body Depth: 4.375″
Soundboard: Red Cedar
Back & Sides: Tamarin (Reunion Island); similiar to Koa
Fingerboard & Bridge: Pink Rosewood
Bindings & Decoration: Cinnamon Wood
Neck: Tamarin & Cedar & Pink Rosewood (21 pieces)
Armrest: Cinnamon & Leather
Pickup: Highlander w/ external power
Tuning Machines: Goto