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Westwood Music is proud to partner with

Audio Rehab for all of your Amp Repair needs!

Audio Rehab is a Authorized Factory Service Center for amplifiers, mixing boards, keyboards, pre amps and professional outboard gear. Greg Granieri of Audio Rehab repairs solid state and tube equipment, analog and digital equipment, amplifiers, out board equipment, mixing consoles, and vintage audio equipment.

– Audio Rehab is a Authorized Warranty Center for the following brands:


| AER Amplifiers

| Allen and Heath

| Ampeg
| Ashdown Engineering
| Blackstar
| Eden
| Fender
| Focusrite
| Gallien-Krueger
| Korg
| Kurzweil 

| Kawai
| Marshall
| Nord
| Novation
| Mackie
| Peavey
| Randall
| Roland
| SoundTech
| Suzuki
| Vox 


All services are backed with a 90 day warranty.

Greg is at Westwood Music on Wednesdays. 

Amps may be dropped off any day during normal business hours.

Questions? Please call the store (310) 478-4251 or email Greg directly:

With over 30 years experience, Greg Granieri, of Audio Rehab, is one of the leaders in repairing professional audio equipment, and is considered to be a valued resource.

Greg uses the latest Industry Standard test equipment to thoroughly troubleshoot your item that comes into the shop. He not only tests your gear with his fancy electronic equipment, but sets it up in his mini studio right in the shop for real world applications. He has Digidesign LE and TDM and Apple Logic 8 to test your AD/DA converters and digital workstations. Greg understands your guitar, bass and keyboard amps and how they should sound.