Repair OverviewMarty Vasquez

In Westwood Music’s repair shop, old school techniques are paired with some of the industry’s most advanced repair technology.

Our highly trained repair team caters to a wide variety of clients—from professional players to collectors. The repair team takes pride in their combined knowledge and the ability to maintain quality while keeping up with a competitive turnaround time.

You will find this well-organized shop filled with all the neat tools necessary to repair and maintain your instruments. We utilize the PLEK® machine for fret and fingerboard diagnostics. PLEK is a high tech tool operated by a technician who has hands-on fretwork experience. This combination of human touch and computer diagnostics ensures precise results.


We understand the importance of good customer service and respect the value our customers place on their beloved instruments, whatever brand or model they may be. We treat EVERY instrument with the greatest respect.

Examples of Our Work

From intonation to full restoration, our repair specialists are equipped to handle it all!

Westwood Music is an authorized warranty repair shop for C.F. Martin, Santa Cruz Guitar Company, and more. Contact us for more information.

We take pride in our old school ways, and our new school tools.